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History adventure story

Ancient Egypt Book for Kids

This Ancient Egypt book for kids takes you back to the times of the pharaohs, when they built pyramids for their dead and when they worshipped a range of gods, from Ra to Anubis. By reading historical fiction, past worlds are brought to life and you will learn all about Ancient Egypt in a fun and exciting way!


Ancient Egypt Book description

When Max and Katie receive a mysterious package through the post, they know their summer will be exciting. Inside, they find a time machine that takes them back to Ancient Egypt, where their mission is to solve the mystery of a missing 9-year-old girl. The pharaoh’s daughter vanished without a trace, but the mystery does not stop there.

Join them on their Ancient Egypt adventure through history as they experience mummiespyramidshieroglyphsAncient Egyptian gods and more!

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Ancient Egypt Book for Kids - Mysteries in Time
Ancient Egypt history magazine

About the

Ancient Egypt History Magazine

The accompanying history magazine is bursting with fun facts, interesting information and eye-catching images. There are fun puzzles to solve, plus colouring-in and a fun quiz to enjoy!

Learn about why the Egyptians settled around the banks of the River Nile. Learn about why the pyramids were built, as well as how the dead were prepared for the Afterlife. Meet the most well-known pharaohs, gods and goddesses.

Discover fascinating Ancient Egypt facts all along the way!