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History Adventure Story

Aztec Empire Book for Kids

This Aztec Empire book for kids will carry you back to the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan, the city built on a lake where impressive temples were built and sacrifices were carried out to keep the gods happy. Feel the history swirl around you as you read the exciting adventure story!


Aztec Empire Book Description

Max and Katie’s Aztec adventure takes them to the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, where a slave is about to be sold for sacrifice. His only hope is to make a daring run for freedom to the Emperor’s palace. Anyone caught helping him will be punished. Can Max and Katie save the slave’s life by secretly helping him escape?

Join Max and Katie on their Aztec adventure through history as they learn about jaguar warriorschocolatesacrificespyramids and more!

Aztec Empire Book for Kids - Mysteries in Time
Aztec history magazine cover

About the

Aztec Empire History Magazine

The accompanying history magazine is bursting with fun facts, interesting information and eye-catching images. There are fun puzzles to solve, plus colouring-in and a fun quiz to enjoy!

Learn about Aztec temples, rituals and gods. Why did the Aztecs carry out sacrifices? Find out what happened when the Spanish soldiers arrived. What is the Day of the Dead celebrating?

Fascinating Aztec Empire facts all along the way!