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Top tips for teaching history: Kid reading history books

Top Tips for Teaching History

These top tips for teaching history will bring history to life! If you are looking for some top tips for teaching history, you've come to the...

Mkae your own Vikings shields

Viking Project Ideas for Children

Check out these Viking project ideas! They'll keep your kids learning and entertained for hours on end.  With so many kids’ cartoons based around Vikings going...

Viking longship colouring-in printable

Viking Longship Printable

Viking Longship Printable Viking longships had a large square sail, as well as oars.  While on board, the Vikings are believed to have fixed their shields...

Fun Space Activities for Kids

These fun space activities for kids will keep your children entertained and educated for hours. Throughout human history, we’ve been fascinated with the night sky. For...

Ancient Rome Wreath Printable

Ancient Rome Wreath Printable Ancient Romans wore wreaths made from laurel leaves as a symbol of victory. Make your own wreath with this free Ancient Rome...