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Evacuees in WW2 Book for Kids

This Evacuees in World War 2 book for kids transports you back to the times of the Blitz and the Battle of Britain, when Spitfires were seen having dogfights as they defended the skies and children were evacuated from the cities to the countryside to keep them safe. Immerse yourself in this historical fiction set in wartime Britain to bring the history to life!


Evacuees in World War 2 Book Description

Max and Katie’s next adventure takes them to wartime Britain, where they are evacuated to a farm on the Welsh coast. There are rumours of a missing German pilot shot down nearby. Then, soon after they arrive, strange things start going missing. Could the two things be connected?

Join Max and Katie on their WW2 adventure through history as they learn about rationing, the BlitzMorse code and more!

Evacuees in WW2 Book for Kids - Mysteries in Time
World War 2 history magazine cover

About the

Evacuees in World War 2 History Magazine

The accompanying history magazine is bursting with fun facts, interesting information and eye-catching images. There are fun puzzles to solve, plus colouring-in and a fun quiz to enjoy!

Learn about what it was like to be an evacuee in World War 2. Learn about rationing, Spitfires, morse code and black-outs.

Discover fascinating World War 2 facts all along the way!