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History Facts for Kids


Find out a range of fascinating, fun history facts here, from ancient history facts like learning about pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, to modern history facts like learning about evacuees in World War 2.

World history has seen so many different civilisations come and go, all of which have influenced modern cultures in some way, including language, food, philosophy, politics, architecture and more.

This is the place to come for world history facts for kids who love to ask questions and become history experts! Where in history will you start your time-travelling adventure?

Tutankhamun History Facts for Kids

Ancient Egypt

Learn some top Ancient Egypt facts for kids, plus pharaohs, mummies, pyramids & more!

More Ancient Egypt History
William Shakespeare History Facts for Kids

Elizabethan Era

Learn some top Elizabethan Era facts for kids, plus Shakespeare, the Spanish Armada, the Tower of London & more!

More Elizabethan Era History
World War 2 Gas Mask


Learn some top Evacuees in WW2 facts for kids, plus dogfights, the Blitz, Morse code & more!

More WW2 History
Spartan History Facts for Kids

Ancient Greece

Learn some top Ancient Greece facts for kids, plus Greek myths, democracy, Olympic Games & more!

More Ancient Greece History
Wild West Cowboy History Facts for Kids

Wild West

Learn some top Wild West facts for kids, plus the gold rush, the railroad, cowboys & more!

More Wild West History
Aztecs Sunstone History Facts for Kids

Aztec Empire

Learn some top Aztec Empire facts for kids, plus chocolate, sacrifice, temples, & more!

More Aztec Empire History
Ancient Rome Soldiers

Ancient Rome

Learn some top Ancient Rome facts for kids, plus the Colosseum, gladiators, Roman numerals & more!

More Ancient Rome History
Queen Victoria History Facts for Kids


Learn some top Victorian Era facts for kids, plus the industrial revolution, steam-powered transport, Queen Victoria & more!

More Victorian Era History
Viking Longship History Facts for Kids


Learn some top Vikings facts for kids, plus longships, Norse gods and goddesses, runes & more!

More Vikings History
Chinese Dragon History Facts for Kids

Ancient China

Learn some top Ancient China facts for kids, plus the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, the Silk Road & more!

More Ancient China History


Learn some top Space facts for kids, plus learn about the planets, the Space Race, astronomers & more!

More Space History
Guy Fawkes Mask


Learn some top Stuarts facts for kids, plus the Gunpowder Plot, the Great Fire of London, the English Civil War & more!

More Stuarts History