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History Adventure Story

Space Book for Kids

This Space book for kids will transport you back in history to the time when astronauts and cosmonauts orbited the Earth on the Mir Space Station.

The fascinating world of galaxies, stars and planets along with the Space Race are brought to life in this exciting space-based adventure!


Space Book Description

Max and Katie travel back to the Mir Space Station, where they learn how to be astronauts and experience weightlessness. However, their fun is interrupted when the warning alarm sounds. Something is broken, but the person being blamed insists he is innocent. Is he forgetful or is someone sabotaging the equipment and framing him?

Join Max and Katie on their adventure through time and space as they learn about the solar system, the Space Racegravity and more!

Space Book for Kids - Mysteries in Time
Space history magazine cover

About the

Space History Magazine

The accompanying history magazine is bursting with fun facts, interesting information and eye-catching images. There are fun puzzles to solve, plus colouring-in and a fun quiz to enjoy!

Learn about the Space Race: who was the first human in space and the first man on the moon? Find out about satellites, space stations and what it’s like to be an astronaut in space. Learn about the planets in our solar system and how they are different.

Discover fascinating Space facts all along the way!