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History Adventure Story

Vikings Book for Kids

This Vikings book for kids will send you back in time to the Viking era, when impressive wooden ships with colourful shields and a large sail transported Viking warriors throughout Europe and beyond! The history will come alive as you read this fascinating fictional story!


Vikings Book Description

Max and Katie’s next adventure takes them back to the Viking era, where a Viking ship returned from a raid with tales of buried treasure, terrible illness and a mysterious curse. The Vikings blame an Anglo-Saxon monk and plot their revenge against his fellow countrymen.

Can Max and Katie prevent a long and bloody war by solving the mystery?

Join Max and Katie on their adventure through time as they learn about Viking longshipsraids on monasteriesRune stones and more!

Vikings Book for Kids - Mysteries in Time
Vikings history magazine cover

About the

Vikings History Magazine

The accompanying history magazine is bursting with fun facts, interesting information and eye-catching images. There are fun puzzles to solve, plus colouring-in and a fun quiz to enjoy!

Learn about where the Vikings came from and why they travelled far and wide. Learn about Viking Longships, Viking Warriors, Danegeld and Danelaw. Which English words do we get from the Viking language?

Discover fascinating Viking facts all along the way!