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World History for Kids

Learn about world history for kids and inspire your child’s love of history with an educational subscription for kids. Each month, a fun-filled package designed to look like a time machine arrives at your door, each exploring a different period in world history and historical events for children.

Experience new historical places by reading the illustrated adventure story, which follows Max & Katie as they travel back in time to solve an exciting mystery. Enrich this learning with a supporting history magazine, with easy-to-read sections that are clear, succinct and interesting. Your child will love sharing the fun history facts with you!

History for Children

Map your journeys through time by adding your monthly sticker to the timeline on the large world map to better understand how world history fits together. This is the perfect gift for kids who love reading, hands-on activities and puzzles!

See where your adventures through history will take you below.  Topics include historical periods in the ancient world, the middle ages and more modern times.

World map and history timeline for kids
Ancient Egypt history magazine

Ancient Egypt

Your first adventure takes you to Ancient Egypt where you will experience mummiespyramidsAncient Egyptian godshieroglyphs and more.
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Elizabethan era history magazine cover

Elizabethan Era

Your second adventure takes you to Elizabethan London, where you will learn about the plague, the Spanish Armada, the Tower of Londonpirates and more.
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World War 2 history magazine cover

Evacuees in WW2

The third adventure takes you to wartime Britain, where you will learn about evacueesrationingthe BlitzMorse code and more.
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Ancient Greece history magazine cover

Ancient Greece

Your fourth adventure takes you to Ancient Greece, where you will learn about Ancient Greek mythsAncient Greek Godstheatre and more.
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Wild west history magazine cover

Wild West

The American Wild West beckons for your fifth adventure, where you will learn about the Gold Rushcowboys, the Pony Express, the railroad & more.
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Aztec history magazine cover

Aztec Empire

The Aztec period is the destination for your sixth adventure, where you will learn about jaguar warriorschocolatesacrificespyramids and more.
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Ancient Rome history magazine cover

Ancient Rome

Your seventh adventure takes you to Ancient Rome, where you will experience chariot racingemperorsRoman bath houses and more.
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Victorians history magazine cover


Your eighth adventure takes you to the Victorian era, where you will learn about life as a Victorian orphanragged schoolschimney sweeps and more.
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Vikings history magazine cover


Your ninth adventure takes you to the time of the Vikings, where you will learn about Viking longshipsraids on monasteriesRune stones and more.
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Ancient China history magazine cover

Ancient China

Your tenth adventure takes you to Ancient China, where you will learn about the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Armykitesdynasties and more.
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Space history magazine cover


Your eleventh adventure takes you to Space, where you will learn about the solar system, the Space Racegravity and more.
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Stuarts history magazine cover


Your twelfth adventure takes you to the time of the Stuarts, where you will learn about the Gunpowder Plot, the Great Fire of London, the English Civil War and more.
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